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IVF Cost

So just how much does In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other infertility services cost? Most of our patients have insurance coverage for standard infertility screening tests. In many cases, these fertility tests have been ordered and obtained by your primary physician or OB-GYN, prior to your referral to us for treatment. The fees for these services will depend on the test and the laboratory, radiologist or other facility where they are performed. Payment is made directly to the provider of services.For outside consultations and treatments, the fees for psychological therapy, acupuncture, legal consultations, surrogacy agencies, egg donor agencies will be determined on an individual basis and paid directly to the provider.

Costs for In-House Tests and Services:

Office or phone consultation   $275
Semen Analysis – Comprehensive   $265
Sonohysterogram (Saline Sono)   $428
Anesthesia   $470
Ultrasound   $221
Annual Embryo/Sperm Storage   $350

Costs for Treatments Provided by or Directed by Dr. Rakoff

Artificial Insemination (IUI)

Below Pricing to include the following services: Office Visits, Office Ultrasounds, Office Blood Draws, One Intrauterine Insemination, & One intracervical Insemination.

Natural Artificial Insemination (IUI)



Clomid and IUI Cycle



FSH (gonadotropin) and IUI Cycle



FSH/Clomid Combination



In vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF Single Cycle   $11,700
IVF Two Cycle   $16,800
IVF Three Cycle   $21,390

Success Guarantee



Egg Donation

Egg Donor IVF



Egg Donor Success Guarantee



Gestational Surrogate

Gestational Surrogate IVF Single Cycle



Gestational Surrogate IVF Success Guarantee



Egg Donation/Surrogate Cycle

Egg Donation/Surrogate Single Cycle



Egg Donation/Surrogate Success Guarantee



Frozen Embryo Transfers

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycle



Gestational Surrogate FET Cycle



Fertility Preservation

Oocyte Freeze Cycle



Oocyte Thaw Transfer Cycle



Sperm Freezing



Surgery Services

D&C for miscarriage









Laboratory Services



$5875 for the first 8 embryos

Additional Samples  for PGD/Array CGH


$225 per embryo at any stage

Annual Embryo and or Sperm  Storage



Contact Us

For current quotes, fees and specifics for your case, call Debbie Goode at 1-858-794-6363 or email info@sandiegofertilityspecialist.com.

For questions about insurance coverage, call Myrna Helmi at 858-720-3163 or email her at mhelmi@sdfertility.com.


Many IVF patients are requesting or in need of PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening). The technology is continually improving. We have a new list of fees from one of the genetics labs that we often use. Please see below.

PGD for your embryos may be done for many reasons; to help improve success rates, diagnose specific genetic diseases, sex selection for X linked disease or family balancing, screening for recurrent pregnancy loss (miscarriage) and more.

You may or may not be a good candidate for PGD. Please schedule an office visit so that we can review your particular case. Keep in mind that we sometimes use other Genetics Teams and remember that new genetic breakthroughs may make the currently listed tests and fees obsolete. We will need to review your case and needs prior to the actual IVF cycle.

Lillie, my patient coordinator, can be reached at 1-858-726-3161. She can help answer questions and schedule consultations with me or other members of the Fertility / IVF team, as is appropriate for your situation.
Thank you,
Dr. Jeff Rakoff.


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